Saturday, 31 May 2014

A little spinning and a couple of makes

I had my turn with the spinning wheel and I spun a little amount of wool only as the wheel stopped lots and that or the shuttle had to be turned around by hand needing more practice holding onto the strands of roving the teasing out before it goes through and around. There are three more weeks of the course to do yet and more practice though I think I may felt the rest of the fleece that I have left to do. I am enjoying though learning all the processes of this Sheep to Hat course.  photo imagejpg1_zps5f1ca198.jpg This is a little purse from the piece of felt I made last week.  photo imagejpg1_zps877b1b2e.jpg I have started knitting the spun fleece I may make a mobile phone case with it or a start of a bag.  photo imagejpg2_zps8c5c1d02.jpg This is as what I knitted with the amount of wool I have spun.  photo imagejpg4_zps7b6ff4dd.jpg  photo imagejpg3_zps12ed19c6.jpg I sold two cable knit cushions last week! They will used for furnishing vintage style a holiday cottage in Norfolk!  photo imagejpg2_zps4758f6ed.jpg  photo imagejpg1_zps94e0815c.jpg
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