Sunday, 26 April 2015

A New Rug for a New Room

The utility room has been transformed, the fridge, laundry basket now in the kitchen so much better, a smaller table for the kitchen is fine as it's only myself and Mr CB. The new room has a new sofa bed, a futon as I wanted an extra bed for when my daughters visit and somewhere to sit and relax in comfort. So far, a table, shelves, a few pictures of the garden flowers. A 'shabby chic' style decor I think! It could be a room for knitting, crochet, I have a big spare bedroom used as a sewing room, or just an extra room to relax in. I made this rug with wool, acrylic and cotton with light pink wool from left over pieces of a Guernsey sweater which I'd made mittens with, deep pink, green, light blue cardigans and a blue cotton towel. I doubled the acrylic and cotton pieces, the pink Guernsey was thick enough as it was. A make do and mend recycled items now upcycled into this cosy rug. It has a hessian backing, machine stitched on as were all the pieces. It is a bigish rug and measures 3ft without the fringe by 30" Next to do is add the fringe each side and luckily I found a few yards of this amongst the trimmings of ribbon and lace I have. I was wanting a rug for my new room now I have one and pleased with it so far. I've made the cushion too, so I have been busy making things. I don't work apart from one morning a week in a charity shop so have plenty of time for creating and crafting nice things.  photo image.jpg1_zps3kimcxvm.jpg  photo image.jpg5_zpshc2x2lct.jpg  photo image.jpg2_zpsgietak1y.jpg  photo image.jpg4_zpsepk9ryu8.jpg  photo image.jpg3_zps6keu9tus.jpg  photo image.jpg6_zpsfagvsavj.jpg
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