Sunday, 23 November 2014

Three Pairs of Mittens

I have made these three pairs of mittens. The two pairs without a rib edge, one pink and a tan colour I added a small cuff to and the pair of mittens made with the original sweater ribbed edge was okay as it was. I lined them with a pink, and a tiger pattern fleece and decorated them with colourful circles using embroidery pure wool with a chain stitch in a spiral. I think that they all turned out pretty good. I still have good amount of the sweater left over to make small items maybe purses with.  photo 42e4e7f63e52247b271b9c72d6cb1fdd_zpsbb8a26a3.jpg  photo 652333dacc4cc56057e87c2e4a7d8ca5_zps0ebb40a0.jpg  photo 591b7857efbe523833a1e3ac80ee4048_zpse256aa1c.jpg  photo 7aa833450fd7307a53892b2864f5573f_zps96005992.jpg  photo 3df3e1635ac008f9922430147857d8f3_zpsa919ae2a.jpg  photo image11_zps414f60e1.jpg I chose these fleece linings a pink and a tiger pattern. The tiger pattern looks lovely and I will make mittens with this next adding a fawn colour lining.  photo bd829b727af094804c7b7fae3b27a9ca_zps4f1b7c76.jpg
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