Monday, 27 October 2014

Mug Cosies and Woollens

I have started making these mug cosies knitted and crocheted for a craft fair I am doing in December. I have used either two strands of double knit or a chunky.  photo 68c1705085553fb364e917e5e5251b80_zpsaf427bdc.jpg  photo c0c1dec70fbbb16bce593dd250c58d91_zps5543bc78.jpg I found this pure new wool Guernsey jumper at a car boot sale on Sunday and bought it. I may felt it or use it as it is. I also have this red woollen that is mine and has shrunk a little, so ideal, the jumper will be dyed. I will have a try at making mittens and have made a template of my hand to use. I may also make a bag too.  photo b957633c738acd5aa40eb2a02f7b875c_zps9414bfcf.jpg I bought this very handy Expert Guide to Knitting at an indoor market as well as 15 step by step tutorials and 16 inspiring patterns to try there are 20 stitch patterns too that I will use to make more mug cosies. I am glad I picked up this magazine as I am finding it very helpful!
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