Monday, 11 July 2011

About Me

My name is Teresa Connolly I live in lovely Cornwall UK in the countryside where I design and make Crafty Bags handbags, shoulder bags and totes. I use recycled material it could be a cardi that has shrunk and I make it into a felt bag or material that I buy from outdoor markets, charity shops or carboot sales some 60s Vintage Retro. I like to make patchwork bags. I have used floral material for my Flower Power Totes. I work from home where I converted a bedroom into my sewing room. Come and see my on line shops  and where you will find more details and prices take a look around and pick up a Crafty Bag for yourself.

 Welcome To My Blog

This blog is mainly about sewing and my bag making with a few musings and snippets thrown in to add interest and colour. I hope to keep it fresh and interesting.

I am glad I joined up to Lily's small blog meet-up it is so nice to be meeting so many other small blogger in this way. I look forward to following your blogs.

Flower Power Totes and Shoulder Bags

Pink flower

Summer Floral

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Patchwork flower
Orange Flower

Red Flower

Blue Flower
Flower Velvet
Orange Tote
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